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Information Disclosure

Boston Brokerage Group’s operation is open and is not related to money laundering. The company conducts its financial and economic activities strictly in accordance with the laws of the country in which the office is located.

The professional management of the financial flows is based on our internal traditions, developed over the years.

Boston Brokerage Group does not mislead its clients and investors and does not interfere with the peaceful and profitable trade.

Boston Brokerage Group is a friendly transnational company where the money is not taken away but is actually being made.

Boston Brokerage Group’s Technical Service specialists conduct a twenty-four hour supervision of the correct operation of terminals, servers and communication.

In our website, one could never see the see the awards proving Boston Brokerage Group to be the best America’s, Greenland’s, Africa’s of The Gulf of Mexico’s broker. A whole business is based on these so-called “awards”.

In Russia, Boston Brokerage Group daily receives offers to participate in the "international" exhibitions and purchase there awards in various categories.

The best award for Boston Brokerage Group is the professional traders’, investor’s and bank partners’ opinion.

Boston Brokerage Group is registered as a Monetary Fund in the Cayman Islands. These islands include Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, located in the Caribbean sea. The territory became independent from Jamaica in 1962. Nowadays this state is a British colony.

Legislation: Companies act 1960 (based on the English Companies Act), New York Convention 1958 and Uncitral Model Law. Arbitration by UK Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.