Profit announcement of January 2015

On the basis of Boston Brokerage Group financial activity in January 2015, profits on “Private Investments” BBG portfolio are: “Intellectual Financial Management” program - 5,6%, “Intellectual Financial Management Prime” program - 5,1%, “Golden Affluent” program - 19,2%

A Straight Way to Scandinavia

During the extraordinary meeting on 01.26.2015 BBG board of directors approved the final redaction for business plan of opening subsidiary in Finland. This business plan is prepared during realization of “BBG strategic development program for a period of 2015-2016”.

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Attention for BBG Clients

We notify BBG clients that due to maintenance works the number 8-800-500-8-900 is currently unavailable for incoming calls. For this period, you may use corporative postal addresses or skype: bbg.trade

We apologize for temporary inconveniences.

Timetable of BBG Departments

Dear friends!

For a period of 12.31.2014 - 01.11.2015 all BBG departments and services will be working as usual.

Fund input/output requests will be executed without delay, too, but BBG recommends you to learn the timetable for your regional banks in those days. Some of Russian and European banks will be closed for receiving remittances. Please plan your fund outputs in your financial organizations beforehand.

The Results of 2014 Trading Activity

BBG strikes a balance of financial market trading activity over a year of 2014.

In 2014, the biggest net profit among individual traders achieved by a professional trader (account № ХХХХХ458) reached $4.3mln.

According to the EBITDA indicators, the highest level among legal traders who used BBG Brokerage services is $59.2mln

The number of financial market traders using BBG Brokerage services is growing by 4-7% every year. It points on the increased interest in financial market trades and increasing request of reliable investments and responsible trust management.

Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

BBG with great delight wishes to our traders and investors happy New Year, high profits and large expensive purchases. Let all your dreams come true!

Best regards,

Your friends from Boston Brokerage Group