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Partnership Models

Basing on years of experience in managing private investments, Boston Brokerage Group developed the Intellectual Financial Management public program that allows investors to receive a stable, high income while dealing with the financial instruments in the financial markets. total control of the financial market members’ attitudes guarantees the investors’ funds safety in financial transactions.

Authoring IT allows the Boston Brokerage Group’s professional traders to trace the trading data of the major market participants on a larger scale than is available for others.

Placing one’s funds at the IFM trust management deposits, one can create one’s own Pension Funds out of the current income, acquire the real estate, pay one’s children’s tuition, and be financially insured in case of emergency connected with the various private or business matters.

IFM is also suitable for the investment portfolio diversification by legal entities.

Boston Brokerage Group is actively developing its regional network on every continent, consistently proving its reputation of a dependable and reliable financial market member

For our partners, who would like to have their highly profitable business under the Boston Brokerage Group company’s brand we offer a well-balanced, individually designed program for mutual benefit

In each particular case our highly qualified specialists create and offer you the unique business model that suits you the most.

Besides, Boston Brokerage Group respects the independent financial bloggers and other creative people making their living by attracting investment partners and traders.

Boston Brokerage Group’s rewarding offer to such specialists is one of the most beneficial in the market.

Boston Brokerage Group does not deal with monthly payments depending on the amount of traders and investors attracted, because this is way the information about the funds placement and market members’ income could be disclosed to third parties.

Therefore, Boston Brokerage Group follows the “Here & Now” policy of remuneration.

The remuneration is calculated as follows:
$ 5,000 = $ 50
$ 10,000 = $ 300
$ 15,000 = $ 300
$ 20,000 = $ 400
$ 30,000 = $ 600
$ 40,000 = $ 700
$ 50,000 = $ 1,000

Where the first figure stands for the sum of money raised and the second figure equals the remuneration amount.

It is important to note that the payment to the Boston Brokerage Group’s partner is carried out on the day when the funds from the attracted client are received.

Moreover, whenever the total amount of the investments one accumulated reaches the level mentioned above, one also gets remunerated.

However, it is necessary to remember that all the investments earned by an investor are not included in the money raised by the partner, as any further investments are considered to be confidential information by Boston Brokerage Group.

Boston Brokerage sees this condition as reasonable and fair.

To sign up for the partnership program and receive further instructions, please contact the Boston Brokerage Group’s Clients Support.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please correspond in English, German, Spanish or Russian.