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Private Investments

“Private Investments” is an investment Boston Brokerage Group portfolio that contains products for the investors of different financial capacity.

As a rule, investment companies, funds and brokers introduce investment products without considering that every financial instrument requires its own investments volume. Thus, either the investor’s funds are placed at a serious risk due to the insufficient investments body volume, or the investor lacks the sufficient amount of income because their money does not operate in its fullest due to redundancy.

Based on many year experience in managing private investments, Boston Brokerage Group developed the Intellectual Financial Management public program that allows investors to receive a stable high income while dealing with the financial instruments at the financial markets.

Intellectual Financial Management (IFM) is one of the “Private Investment” profile programs that serves to provide high income with the continuous operation of private funds.

IFM is managing funds using Boston Brokerage Group’s trade strategies. Twenty-four hour monitoring of the financial market members’ attitudes guarantees the investors’ funds safety in financial transactions.

Authoring IT allows the Boston Brokerage Group’s professional traders to trace the trading data of the major market participants on a larger scale than is available for others.

When depositing one’s funds with the IFM trust management, one can create their own Pension Fund out of the current income, acquire real estate, pay their children’s tuition, be financially insured in case of emergencies connected with the various private or business matters.

The minimal amount of investments in the Intellectual Financial Management program of the "Private Investments" portfolio is $ 10 000.

IFM is also suitable for the investment portfolio diversification by legal entities.

IFM Prime is a universal investment product for everyone.

The minimal amount of investments in the IFM Prime is $ 500, while the maximum is not limited.

This program is unique because all the investment funds are directed to provide leverage for the independent traders, for which the latter are charged with the sum already included in a spread. This sum is divided among the investors according to the investment body’s volume, placement time (1 full month or part of it) and Boston Brokerage Group’s 20% margin.

Therefore, the investors and Boston Brokerage Group’s funds are involved in the trade indirectly and are always brought back to the investment deposits by the independent traders. In case the trade is deficit, the Company forcibly shuts down the unprofitable dealings, also taking the commission (spread) for using the leverage off the deposit’s account and refunding the credit money (that of the investors and the Company’s own money).

The profit of the investments placed in this program usually reaches 4 percent a month (depending on the traders’ activity).

Golden Affluent (GA) is another unique «Private Investments» portfolio’s program by Boston Brokerage Group designed for large-scale investors.

The initial investment into the Golden Affluent program is $ 1 000,000. These funds are placed in special market trading accounts, where the only financial instrument for trading is Gold.

The accounts are managed by the professional traders with the experience of focusing on this particular trading instrument for more than 15 years. Traders have their own authorizations that allows entering and exiting the market flawlessly when necessary despite the continuous inertial motion in it.

In this program, the investments profit is much higher and can reach quite large amounts in a month. It is not possible for Boston Brokerage Group to issue guarantees for a particular return on an investment. However, the Company takes responsibility for funds being safe in trading accounts, hence trading with the “Gold” instrument is conducted with restraint, providing high income and no risks.

Because the investments volume in Golden Affluent is large, Boston Brokerage Group’s monthly remuneration is 10% of the total investment funds profit.

It is worth noting that, unlike in the independent trade, where free trader can issue the application for funds or trade deposit withdrawal any time, there are certain rules in the “Private Investments” portfolio’s programs concerning funds withdrawal.

They depend on certain factors:

For the Intellectual Financial Management program it is the state of the free margin when the investors’ trade deposits are loaded

For the IFM Prime program it is the participation of investment funds in providing the leverage

In the Golden Affluent program it is the availability of open market positions.

Therefore, funds withdrawals in the Intellectual Financial Management program are possible once every two weeks.

In Golden Affluent program, the funds withdrawal is carried once per 30 days. Withdrawal applications are accepted strictly from 12 a.m. 16th until 11:59p p.m. 18th each month, which means three days regardless the national holidays and weekends in the investor’s country. At the time period mentioned the deposit trading stops in order to avoid planned deposits’ discharge with the positions opened, which is absolutely against the Boston Brokerage Group’s regulations. At 12a.m. on the 19th, the Golden Affluent trading recommences.

Boston Brokerage Group completely realizes its responsibility for the decisions made in financial markets concerning the management of private funds that are placed into any "Private Investment" portfolio’s programs.