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Why China’s stock plunge might not be such a big deal

Even as the fate of Greece lurches from emergency meeting to emergency meeting, some voices argue that Europe may sort itself out in the end, and that the real worry for the world should be China and the crumbling of its stock markets (See, for example, James Altucher’s “It’s China (not Greece), stupid”)

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Greece, China and Puerto Rico Woes Will Help Lower Gas Prices

When the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil shed 7.7 percent on Monday, falling to $52.53 per barrel, the general consensus in the financial markets and the media held that the primary cause was the crisis in Greece. It is no exaggeration to say that the country is on the brink of financial collapse. While government officials try desperately to negotiate a new bailout program with European creditors, there's no guarantee that a solution will emerge to correct the indebtedness.

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